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With our attention to detail, Harpenden Handyman can make any brand of DIY kitchen look as slick as if you'd bought it from a specialist store.

Harpenden Handyman tackles any brand of home assembly kitchen, including B&Q, Ikea, Homebase, Magnet & Wickes. Whether you have a finished design plan, or just a few basic ideas, we can help.

Rather than you having to co-ordinate a variety of different tradesmen, our multi-talented handymen can complete every aspect to the highest possible standards, and at very competitive prices.

What we charge:
As kitchen fitting generally takes two or more days, we'll call to talk through your plans and ideas, and provide a detailed estimate based on our lower daily rate.
We can perform any or all of the following kitchen installation tasks:
Removal of your old kitchen
Re-wiring/adding new sockets
Re-plumbing/moving your sink position
Re-plastering the wall surfaces
Re-decorate the entire room before
fitting your new kitchen
Installation of cabinets
Installation of appliances
Fitting & sealing your worktops
Tiling and flooring
See the most asked for kitchens...

You might also like to consider:
Building in a microwave, dishwasher,
washer/dryer or fridge/freezer
Worktop & cabinet lighting
Fitting your Gas boiler into a wall unit
Moving radiators to improve layout
Using warm-air 'Kickspace' heaters
Adding a water softening device

We're able to assemble and fit almost any kitchen product you can buy from a home improvement store, including:

B&Q kitchen fitting fitter installerB&Q www.diy.com
Stores at Luton, Stevenage, Hemel Hempstead, Watford

Ikea kitchen fitting fitter installer
Ikea www.ikea.co.uk
Stores at Milton Keynes, Edmonton

Homebase kitchen fitting fitter installer
Homebase www.homebase.co.uk
Stores at Hatfield, St.Albans, Luton,
Hemel Hempstead, Watford

Wickes kitchen fitting fitter installerWickes
Stores at St.Albans, Luton, Hemel
Hempstead, Stevenage
Harpenden handyman installs Howdens kitchens
Every kitchen is installed with care. This fitting included all plumbing, electrics, and tiling too.

Harpenden handyman installs B&Q kitchens

Our attention to detail made this smaller B&Q kitchen just as special.

Harpenden handyman fits kitchen sinks and taps

Harpenden Handyman. Your DIY kitchen fitted professionally.